WritingCards would like to thank the following for their generous assistance: (in order of assistance)

Matt Stumphy
for help fixing my coding mistakes and coming up with a cool way to grey out the social links.

Robert Greenspan & Cody Owen
For helping gather cards at ATX in amazing Austin TX

and of course, all the amazing screenwriters kind enough to handwrite a Writing Card.

Gabriel Burgess for helping to translate Sato Shinsuke's card: 作り続けること ("Keep making things.") then it's followed by 佐藤信介 (Sato Shinsuke)"

Anne figured out Gillian for Gone Girl, which meant the card on the back was David Fitchner. Finally?


This site was based on a Turmero Version: 1.0 by Vardo (http://vardodesign.ru)

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To Do

Change Log

  1. Jun15-17 2016
    Been working on this for about 3 weeks total, taking way longer than expected
    72 Cards and 460 links
    Mostly finished

    June 18
    this is how I spend my saturday?
  2. Starting log
    Scanned and created new section for Mystery Cards
  3. Moved scans into folders to organize better; too big of folder Card_x-x
  4. Moved the three coloum down to bottom to make cards easier and faster to see.
  5. Grey background on headers at the end.
  6. June 20
  7. Created Page 2 for more cards, added link.
  8. Changed socials to just icons and centered.
  9. Fixed the consistant sizing issue with faces on front, set to 680 x 402 at 300 Pixels .
  10. Cut out extraneous HTML to help on speed.
  11. Moved Larry up next to his co-writer Scott for Big Eyes.
  12. Scanned all the remaining ATX cards and added to the spreadsheet.
  13. Moved the whole site over to writingcards.com from fyreworxlabs.com - Left the older version on the fyreworxlabs.

  • June 21
    Updated the spreadsheet with a few more cards to get them off my desk
    Starting on the socials
    Still trying to get the writingcards twitter account
    Will use the other till then - posting update messages.
  • Moved Sato to front and Matt to his writing partner, trying to keep writing teams together.
  • Added numbers to the 9 card sections to make it easier to track.
  • Polish, polish, polish
  • Moved mystery to page 2 with Most frequent, so page 2 has some stuff other than cards.
  • Keeping podscasts on page one.
  • Major moves.
  • Revamped all the socials; new and updated look.
  • Sketched up new logo desgin with stylized W and C.
  • Did a google image search for the new logo and nothing came back, so looks like its unique.
  • It's 1:15am.


  • June 22
    Posting to socials and start to beta test
  • Color research for consistancy
  • Selected, edited, created the panels Mosaic for page two.
  • Changed the into page to Follow Us
  • Trying to fix sizes and code.
  • Trying to make the panel image responsive
  • Trying to reset background on page two
  • Trying to fix the grey-bars
  • Trying to fix all the little alighnment issuse
  • Trying to figure out color numbers from CSS
  • Damn Dreamweaver crashed - causing me to lose all my changes here.
  • Still trying to figure out <div> tags.


  • June 23
    Trying to catch up and polish everything, and get the social posts going.
  • Trying to figure out the grey banners coding
  • DW crashed on me taking all the updated with it.


  • June 24
    Up till 4:00am working on alighnment, Matt was helping me to TRY to understand <div> and <container> nature of it all.
  • Trying to figure out the grey banners coding, AGAIN
  • Kept erasing some lines, and then seeing the changes and then having to go back and forth to figure out changes. To no avail.
  • DW crashed on me taking all the updated with it.

  • June 25
    Up till just 3:00am working on alighnment, without Matt everything was JUST not working, and had to just give it a break, because EVERYTHING was breaking....
  • Trying to figure out the grey banners coding, AGAIN
  • Kept erasing some lines, and then seeing the changes and then having to go back and forth to figure out changes. To no avail. AGAIN. HOURS on this.

  • June 26
  • Had to take a break!

  • June 27
  • Worked on harmonizing the edges of page 1 and 2
  • Got the godaddy guys to help figure out why the messages were getting jammed up.
  • Had to have the MX record added for remote on the C-Panel so email jscript would work
  • Figured out the mail needed another line items for "message" (see FB post) can't believe I figured it out on my own
  • Resized and squared off the social media logos for page 2, looks better and can more easily be tapped on mobile devices.
  • Checked site on iPhone.

  • June 28
    More and more polishing, till late again. Gosh, is taking way too long.
  • June 29
  • Spent most of the day getting the last few cards, properyly meta-dated.
  • Fixing the spaces issues.
  • Working on changing the "demo Card" as Nick reccomended, so it should look less pixelated
  • Changing the color of the WC logo, but that all might go away with the new logo, but no feedback yet on if people even understand it.
  • Straigntened up lines of code so it actually lines up.
  • Moved 46+ over to second page since the first page was looking too long. Migtht need to pair back some of the duplicates.
  • Adding the "Stacked Writing Cards Display" Page to play. Click here to try

Its past 1:30am again. Time to sleep. But really want to get this polished enough that people will "like" it the first time.
Used the reccoeended Firebug to VERY easily spot and see the issue with the <div> tags - why didnt I see this earlier?
Its 2:41am. NEED to sleep.
More fixes tomrrow, Sleep till 9:30am?

  1. June 30
  2. Going to play more with <div>s to see if I can fix the index.html, but if not, just restore from the online version and try again
  3. Using firebug is very helpful.
  4. July 1
  5. Worked on the new logo and finalized the design. Posted on Facebook, but couldnt wait for comments, got a lot of verbal feedback.
  6. Chose to keep the LINE of the top of the W consistant so it woud unify the character shape and make it distinctive from the to other letterforms.
  7. Pulled the left side of the W letterform up, to make it more distinctivly a "W" rather than a "U".
  8. Split the cut from the C with 1.5 line thicknesses, so it would seperate it enough.
  9. Free transformed the W and C CIRCLES so that they were thicker at the bottom, though kept the line thickness at the top thinner.
  10. Tightened down the connector from W to C. Smoothted it out.
  11. Then tried the logo at different scales/sizes so could see if it works at many different sizes, it does.
  12. Transfered the deisgn to Photoshop where I inverted it and did all differtent colors, backgrounds etc.
  13. Then plopped the logo on the site, looks good.
  14. Added the typrighter from yesterday, and 50% the opacity, and moved it around a few times to make sure it woks on mobile etc. It seems to, need to test more ______
  15. Moved 37-4X to Page 2, so that there arent so many swiped up needed to look at the cards, and then played arund with other stuff. (spelling sucks)
  16. Added a line under Most Popular Podcasts, but cant get it to move with out messing up the rest of it. Will erase other stuff so there are less duplicates, but might keep.
  17. Soon will change the icons for everything to the new Logo. Facebook etc.
  18. Ran 4 Miles today, thank goodness, excellent butrrito@ Macho Taco. damn was that good.
  19. July 2
  20. SUNDAY - Needed a Day of Rest
  21. July 3-5
  22. Family Time in Idaholand
  23. July 6th-8
  24. Started right back at it, till about 2 am again.
  25. Google+ added as well as Flickr
  26. Registered the trademark to make it easier to protect the IP.
  27. Spent most of these days trying to figure out social media and what are the best tools for it. Way too much to learn.
  28. July 9
  29. Up, running a Griffith, then worked on the damn air con. So hot. But got a card from Matt Ross, nice guy. See facebook etc for more info
  30. July 10
  31. Day o' rest.
  32. July 11
  33. Spent most of the day scanning cards and trying to get stuff polished before I leave. Scanned up to 142 cards, but there are some I know are missing, just have to figure out where they are.
  34. Made a catalog list of all the file names for staff to put into the sheet. Also makes it easy to search, but got to figure out how someone can search the site for a card, or do I want that?
  35. The list is coming together.
  36. Photshoping some people's cards.
  37. Got rid of two mystery cards today, but added several more; damn it.
  38. Added links to play Two podcasts, so people can listen via web
    Re-uploaded the site and working on little polishes here and there. Its 8:36, been sitting at my desk all day working on this, time to go for a run and hit the gym and then a greek yogurt and finally gt to pack and watch Preacher! Maybe Mary's episode?

Numbers and Stats

    Face Images = 680 x 402 at 300 Pixels
    Card Images ate 1496 X 884 at 300 pixels

    72 Cards on First page (so far) 420 links on page total
    72 per page?
    Mystery cards are 8

    Scanning Settings

    2.95 x 4.99 -90 degrees 1496 x 884 @ 300 dpi



    This is some text!

    This is #4c8e98 text!

    This is #ffffff text!

    This is #888888 text!

    This is #25262A text!

    This is #6c7086 text!

    This is #b2c7c2 text!

    padding:80px 0;
    .title-dark-section h2{


    padding:80px 0;
    .title-dark-section h2{